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Although my research and professional interests continue to evolve, majority of my research work has focussed on the following general and specific areas:

1. S&T, Innovation, and Research Policy

  • R&D Management, Innovation Management, R&D Outsourcing, New Product Development decisions
  • Evaluation of R&D Performance, Assessment of R&D Impacts, Intellectual Property Rights & Innovation
  • Re-organization and Strategic Planning in R&D Labs, Incentives in R&D, R&D Balanced Scorecards
  • R&D and Technology Strategy, IT Strategy, Internet and e-Commerce Strategy, Balanced Scorecards


1a. Osama, Athar, Designing Strategy and Measuring Performance in R&D: The Case of Balanced Scorecards unpublished PhD Dissertation, Fredrick S. Pardee-RAND Graduate School: Santa Monica, 2006 (here)

1b. Osama, Athar, “Mission-2-Metrics: A ’Balanced Scorecard‘-based R&D Measurement System to Enable Army’s RDE Reorganization”, AB-643-A, RAND: Santa Monica, August 2002

1c. Osama, Athar, “Using Multi-attribute Strategy and Performance Architectures in R&D Organizations: The Case of Balanced Scorecards”, 2005 (here)

1d. Osama, Athar, Bruce Held & Lance Menthe, “Designed to Deliver: Using a Systematic Framework to Rethink the New Army Lab Organization by First Principles”, DRR-3000-A, RAND: Santa Monica, 2003

1e. Osama, Athar, and Bruce Held, “Technology-Centric Outsourcing: A Smart Outsourcing Strategy for the Army”, RAND: Santa Monica, unpublished manuscript, 2001

1f. Jack A. Skeels, Nancy Y. Moore & Athar Osama, “E-Hub Strategies: B2B e-Commerce and the Air Force”, AB-497-AF, RAND: Santa Monica, unpublished manuscript, 2000

1g. Osama, Athar, “S.M.A.R.T. R&D Management: A Process-Oriented Approach to R&D”, RAND: Santa Monica, unpublished manuscript, 2000

Organizational Cases:

1h. Osama, Athar, A Multi-Pronged Strategy-Performance-Incentives System in a Medical Products Company (Anon), 2005
1i. Osama, Athar, Using Compact Planning and Performance Dashboards in Academia (A Land Grant University-Anon), 2005
1j. Osama, Athar, Bell-Labs Style Performance Management at an Offshore R&D Unit of a Electronics Co. (Anon), 2005
1k. Osama, Athar, Aligning sub-Organizational Interests at A Private University & an Independent Research Center (Anon), 2005,
1l. Osama, Athar, Measuring Performance at a  “Skunk Works” type R&D Organization of a major Aerospace Co. (Anon), 2005
1m. Osama, Athar, Implementing Balanced Scorecards at a Major Public Sector Agency (Anon), 2005 

2. Technology-based Economic Development

  • National Innovation Systems in Developing Countries, Technology and Economic Clusters
  • Science & Technology Parks & Incubators, Public-Private Partnerships for Regional Economic Development


2a. Osama, Athar, Steven W. Popper, “What do We Know  about Economic Clusters? A Critical Examination of Theoretical and Empirical Evidence”, White Paper, RAND: Santa Monica, under review, 2006 (here)

2b. Osama, Athar, “Linking Cluster Theory and Practice:  Towards a New Agenda for Cluster Theorists and Practitioners”, White Paper, RAND: Santa Monica, under review, 2006 (here)

2c. Osama, Athar, “Science’s Next Frontier: Looking Backward to See Ahead – Rethinking America’s R&D Policy for the Next Century”, 2001 (here)

2d. Osama, Athar, “Simulating Technology MicroWorlds: An Computational Economics Approach to Regional Technology Clusters”, 2001

2e. Osama, Athar, “Science and Technology For Self-Reliance – An Essay on an S&T Strategy for Pakistan”, submitted to Technology sub-committee of the Pakistan 2010 Program, 1996 (here)

3. Venture Capital, New Venture Creation, & Entrepreneurship

  • Techno-Market Risk Assessment; Private Equity &Venture Capital Industry, Public-sector VC Funds,
  • Technology Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital/PE Industry, Incentives in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital


3a. Osama, Athar, “Transplanting the Venture Capital Model to Developing Countries: A Critical Re-Examination of New Evidence”, 2005 (here)

3b. Osama, Athar, Bruce Held & Henry Willis, “Picking and Creating Winners: Theory and Practice of Assessing and Managing Techno-market Risk”, in preparation, 2007

3c. Bruce Held, Philip Anton, Elliot Axelband, Kenneth Horn, Athar Osama, Mike Stollenwerk & Ike Chang “Army Venture Capital Fund Options”, RAND, AB-610-A, RAND: Santa Monica, May 2002

3d. Osama, Athar, “At the Intersection of Pennsylvannia Avenue & SandHill Road: A Review Federal Government’s Foray Into Venture Capital”, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, 2007, in preparation

4. ICT, IT/ITES/BPO Industry, Economics of IT Industry

  • Outsourcing/Offshoring in IT/ITES/Biotech/BPO Industry; Ex-patriot Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
  • Process and Measurement of Software Development, Markets-Organizations-Society in the Information Age


4a. Osama, Athar, “Towards a Useful Taxonomy of Generic Software Business Models for Software Exporting Nations”, in preparation, 2007

4b. Osama, Athar, “Pakistan’s Software Industry: Best Practices and Strategic Challenges”, 2005 (here)

4c. Osama, Athar, “India’s IT Revolution: Its Socio-Economic & Political Implications”, unpublished paper, Pardee – RAND Graduate School, 2006 (here)

5. Policy, Constitution, Governance, and Economic Development  in Developing Countries

  • Governance and Governance Scorecards, Public-Private Partnerships, Development Challenges for LDCs
  • Research-Policy Interface, Participative Policymaking, Performance-based and Accountable Policy Regimes
  • Governance Challenges in Developing Countries, Public Sector Performance Measurement & Re-organization 



6. Others

6a. Osama, Athar, “Islamic Common Market: A Review in Light of Economic Theory and Practice”, 2002 (here)

6b. Nancy Y. Moore, Cynthia R. Cook, Charles Linderbladt & Athar Osama, “Using a Spend Analysis to Help Identify Prospective Air force Purchasing and Supply Management Initiatives: A Summary of Selected Findings”, AB-585-AF, RAND: Santa Monica, April 2002 (also published for DOD as AB-536-OSD, 2001)

6c. Class Size Reduction in California–A RAND Case Study, under supervision of Dr. Charles Wolf Jr., 2002

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