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Day 5 – Dispatch from Florence – The City of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and Galilleo

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1800 GMT, 31st December, Onboard a Eurostar from Florence to Rome Around 5:30 pm GMT on 30 December 2007, I said my goodbyes to Venice – hoping to return some other day – and began my journey to Florence onboard a Eurostar train. By now I had begun to expect a fairly quick service at […]

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Day 4 – Dispatch from Venice – In the City of the Merchant

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Venize, December 29, 2007 – 1900 GMT – on Board a EuroStar from Venice to Florence I am on my way out of Venice, described sometimes as the most unusual and the most unique city in the whole world. This several thousand year old city is built, literally, on canals. Several times during the life […]

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Day 3 – Greetings from Milan – the City of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Milan (Italy), December 28, 2007 – 1900 GMT – on Board a EuroStar from Milano to Venice (Venize) I am currently sitting in a Eurostar train – one of those trains that run all through Europe and provide fairly fast – although not the fastest service – between cities. I’ve just left Milan which was […]

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Day 2: Bonjour from Lausanne – the Modern Day “Home of the Olympics”

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Lausanne (Switzerland), December 27, 2007 – 1900 GMT Hotel Bellerive (pronounced as Belle-Gheeve) where I had planned my stay in Lausanne was a 10 minute bus ride from the train station in Lausanne. As you come out of the station, you see a big sign that says “City of the Olympics”. I am just learning that […]

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Day 1 – Dispatch from Geneva – the Land of United Nations and “Private” Bankers

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Geneva (Switzerland) – 2300 hrs GMT – 27 December 2007 The Night Before in Hotel Moderne The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the airport in Geneva was that there were not HSBC posters any more! For those who have travelled through London often will know the feeling. Instead, there were posters of […]

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Backpacking Trip Through Europe – A Rendezvous with History

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My 12-Day 12-City Trip Through Christian Europe, Muslim Spain, and the Rest of Colonizing World!  By: Athar Osama  I’ve been planning this for quite a while now, probably for as long as I remember. Backpacking is not something that comes naturally to us – Pakistanis. We’re just too cautious to do something as daring as travel through […]

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