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Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators Perceptions and Motivations Study

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Today, we’re launching a Scientists, Engineers, and Innovators Perceptions and Motivations Study (SEI-PMS) aimed at scientific professionals from developing countries working both at home and abroad (as expatriates). While ideas of what motivates scientists and engineers have been well-established in the literature, there have not been many systematic studies to understand the motivations and perceptions of scientists in developing […]

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Launching Muslim-Science.Com

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Today, I am formally launching Muslim-Science.Com as a platform to have a serious and rigorous conversation about Science, Technology, Innovation, and Enterpreneurship in the Muslim World. The motivation for doing this has come from both a internal (personal) and external levels. On the personal level, I have, of late, felt the need to aggregate my own writings […]

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Pakistan Inc. – The High Tech. Edition

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In an attempt to consolidate my writings–over the years–on various aspects of science and technology policy and management in Pakistan, I have recently launched another blog dedicated to the past, present, and future of high technology industry and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Pakistan Inc. – The High Tech. Industry Edition will feature my own writings–and those of other […]

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Understanding Pakistan

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I, along with a few collaborators, launched the Understanding Pakistan Project on June 4, 2007. The motivation for the project really came from a desire to do something constructive in the wake of the ongoing political crisis and the upcoming elections in Pakistan. One of the things that I’ve felt as a “history buff” is that […]

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