Boston University Publishes Paper on South-South Research Collaboration

Fostering South – South Research Collaborations By: Athar Osama Published by Pardee Center for the Study of Long Range Global Policy, Boston University Boston University Press Release: This policy brief reviews the state of research collaborations between and amongst developing country scholars – South-South research collaborations and develops a rationale for a more systematic and […]

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Day 5 – Dispatch from Florence – The City of Michelangelo, Machiavelli, and Galilleo

1800 GMT, 31st December, Onboard a Eurostar from Florence to Rome Around 5:30 pm GMT on 30 December 2007, I said my goodbyes to Venice – hoping to return some other day – and began my journey to Florence onboard a Eurostar train. By now I had begun to expect a fairly quick service at […]

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Day 4 – Dispatch from Venice – In the City of the Merchant

Venize, December 29, 2007 – 1900 GMT – on Board a EuroStar from Venice to Florence I am on my way out of Venice, described sometimes as the most unusual and the most unique city in the whole world. This several thousand year old city is built, literally, on canals. Several times during the life […]

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Day 3 – Greetings from Milan – the City of Leonardo Da Vinci

Milan (Italy), December 28, 2007 – 1900 GMT – on Board a EuroStar from Milano to Venice (Venize) I am currently sitting in a Eurostar train – one of those trains that run all through Europe and provide fairly fast – although not the fastest service – between cities. I’ve just left Milan which was […]

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Day 2: Bonjour from Lausanne – the Modern Day “Home of the Olympics”

Lausanne (Switzerland), December 27, 2007 – 1900 GMT Hotel Bellerive (pronounced as Belle-Gheeve) where I had planned my stay in Lausanne was a 10 minute bus ride from the train station in Lausanne. As you come out of the station, you see a big sign that says “City of the Olympics”. I am just learning that […]

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Day 1 – Dispatch from Geneva – the Land of United Nations and “Private” Bankers

Geneva (Switzerland) – 2300 hrs GMT – 27 December 2007 The Night Before in Hotel Moderne The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the airport in Geneva was that there were not HSBC posters any more! For those who have travelled through London often will know the feeling. Instead, there were posters of […]

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Athar Osama et al Publish in Journal Nature on Higher Education Reforms

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Published in STEP Blog by Dr. Sohaib Khan – Sept 3, 2009

“Massive funding for Pakistan’s ailing universities holds many lessons for other developing nations”, states the editorial of this week’s edition of Nature, published today. Nature, which is one of the most respected scientific journal, highlights the successes of Pakistan’s higher education reforms initiated in 2002, citing the free national digital library, high-speed internet access for universities and the foreign scholarship program as examples of successes.

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Interview with STEP: Nature’s Coverage of Higher Education Reform in Pakistan: A Conversation with Athar Osama

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Dr. Athar Osama is a public policy researcher with specialization in science and innovation policy and a visiting fellow at Pardee Centre for the Study of Long Range Global Future at Boston University. He is the lead author of the article “Pakistan’s Reform Experiment” in this week’s issue of Nature (Sept. 3, 2009), which is raising quite a bit of debate (and controversy) on whether the Higher Education Commission has delivered the aspired results and what can other countries contemplating the reforms learn from this experience. STEP contacted him to seek his views on the article.

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The Original “Think Tank” – An article about RAND, my Almamater

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Originally published in “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”, February 28, 2002
Written by Petra Steinberger — translated by Connor Spreng, RGS Fellow

The cold god of the future

The original “Think Tank”. Visiting the Californian RAND Corporation.

Natalie Crawford might be a regular American housewife, who is enjoying the latter half of her career in California, after raising her children. Her hair is kept short, her outfit is discreet, lips are red, the voice friendly, if resolute. In Natalie Crawford’s office there are no family pictures, but instead, pictures of fighter jets, certificates, tokens of friendships from pilots – and repeatedly herself: In this or that bomber, in battle dress uniform with the boys of the US Air Force – “I fought hard to obtain their acceptance.” As an engineer in the mid-60’s, she developed a new weapon for the Air Force. Today Natalie Crawford is the director of Project Air Force, the true heart of the RAND Corporation.

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Woodrow Wilson Center publishes paper on Government Venture Capital

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Washington Goes to Sand Hill Road: The Federal Government Forays into Venture Capital Industry

By Dr. Athar Osama

Published by Technology and Foresight Project of Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars

Wilson Center Press Release:

Renewed interest in federal support for high-risk, high-reward research and development requires a re-evaluation of federal venture capital programs, concludes a new white paper released today by the Foresight and Governance Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

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